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Life Insurance

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What would happen to your family if you died unexpectedly in the next six months? Would they have money to cover funeral costs? Would they be able to afford the mortgage, utility bills and other daily living expenses without your income? Although it can be uncomfortable thinking about what will happen after you die, it is important to prepare for your family’s future. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing life insurance from Schilling and Reid.

Tangipahoa Parish Life Insurance

The local insurance agents at Schilling and Reid understand the needs and concerns of Louisiana families. We know you work hard to make ends meet, and we’ve seen firsthand the difficulties faced by families who experience an untimely death without a life insurance policy. Let us help you ensure that these difficulties will not fall to your family.

Types of Life Insurance

Schilling and Reid provides many different life insurance policies customized to meet client needs. The three most common types of life insurance are term life insurance, whole life insurance and universal life insurance.

A good type of insurance for beginners is term life insurance. Generally less expensive than permanent life policies, term insurance provides coverage for a defined period of time, ranging from a single year up to 20 years. Some term life policies can be converted to permanent coverage in the future.

Whole life insurance, when paid as specified by the policy, provides a lifetime of coverage. These policies can build cash value and can perform well as an investment.

A more flexible permanent life insurance, universal life insurance, features adjustable premiums and unbundled pricing. This type of policy can also build cash value, and most universal policies earn interest that is guaranteed not to drop below a set rate.

The Right Life Insurance

Your insurance agent can help you determine which type of life insurance and which specific policy are the best for you. If you currently carry a life insurance policy, be sure to review your coverage regularly. Life circumstances change, and with those changes come changes in your family’s needs. You should review your life insurance policy any time

  • Your marital status changes
  • You add a new child or grandchild to your family
  • You start or significantly grow your own business
  • You or an immediate family member has a significant change in overall health and wellness
  • You begin providing care for an aging or ailing parent
  • You purchase a new home
  • You refinance a home
  • You or your spouse receives an inheritance
  • Your financial status changes significantly in any way

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